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Many hospitalized children aren’t able to sleep in fresh and cozy pajamas each night, because of illness or injury. Having been to the hospital multiple times because of my asthma, I know how scary it can be, especially when you don't feel well and don't have your warm and cozy pajamas. I created my Good Night Sleep Tight PJ Program because I wanted to make sure that children could feel calm and relaxed even when they are sick or not at home in their own bed.

The Good Night Sleep Tight PJ Program is something that is very important to me, because I worked really hard to create it. I didn’t just stop with an idea! I decided to make my idea real and take action! I spent a lot of time talking and brainstorming with my mom about my program. Coming up with a program name was our first step. Picking the name was super easy for me because “Good Night Sleep Tight” is something that my family says each and every night before bed. After picking a program name, I worked with my mom to create and design my own logo and tag for each pajama donated. Not only do I provide children with new pajamas, but I have been trying to expand my program by including a new book or bed time story and a cozy blanket for each child to keep. Who doesn’t like to snuggle up in pajamas with a blanket and a good book to read??

Doing good feels good!

and my pajama program makes all children feel AWESOME!

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My Adventures

I am super excited to use my experience as your 2020-2021 Royal International Miss Role Model Princess to expand my pj program to hospitals, shelters and organizations beyond Connecticut's borders. I have been very fortunate to travel and share my pajamas in the following states...


I have really been focusing on helping those in my home state and am proud to have donated over 250 pjs to Connecticut residents. I have visited the following locations:

-Yale/New Haven Children's Hospital
-UCONN Medical Center (NICU)
-Woodbridge Child Center
-Beth-El Shelter of Milford
-Woodbridge Human Services
-New Reach of New Haven

**I am not going to stop there! I am always looking for new places and children. 2021 is going to be so exciting with the many donations I am trying to line up with the help of my mom.

New York

I was so lucky to visit Long Island with my Royal International Miss sister queens (Rhea and Simran) to spread some love and provide donations to a variety of places. We visited the Lakeview House, Smilie Hearts Housing Inc., the Devon House, Randall House and Mercy Medical Center, just to name a few. It was so exciting to meet some of the guests and provide so many children with new pjs to keep them warm and cozy. One of the little girls I met was so excited to have Dora The Explorer pjs and it made my heart so happy.


While on vacation at the Cape, I thought it would be so fun to incorporate my service project into my vacation. I was able to visit the Independence House in Hyannis, Massachusetts and meet their Executive Director so she could share some new pjs with her clients.

Rhode Island

I visited Lucy's Hearth on my way to Newport, Rhode Island. I am hoping that my pjs will make a bunch of children happy in the Middletown and Newport, RI areas.

Las Vegas, Nevada

On October 15th, I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with my 13 sister queens from across the country. I was so excited to travel approximately 5,200 miles to share my pj program with those youth and teens in the Southern Nevada area. Being able to visit The Help of Southern Nevada Shelter and meet with one of their directors was a great experience and I am so grateful to expand my program to the west coast.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In November of 2020, I traveled to Oklahoma City and Chickasha for the Royal International Miss Oklahoma state pageant. In conjunction with my travels, I wanted to make a pj donation. After my mom contacted the Toby Keith Foundation and OK Kids Korral, I was fortunate enough to make a donation to help children staying there due to medical treatment.


My AMAZING sister queen, Royal International Miss Arizona Pre-Teen, Ashley Nevison, recently made a pajama donation on behalf of my program in the great state of Arizona. Ashley donated a number of pjs to UMOM-New Day Center. I am so lucky to have a sash sister like her! Thank you, Ashley...xoxxo

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